Special Christmas Promotion!

Okay so it turned out that the mobile versions got released just recently. As it falls quite close to the Steam Christmas sale (where we are selling SOTMC at an all time low at just $0.99) we decided that we are going to match the price on all platforms. So you can buy SOTMC on any platform (iOS/Android/Mac App Store/Steam) for just $0.99.

That’s quite a good deal, right ? To make it even better (and to boost our mobile sales) we came up with an idea. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days so why don’t you all buy the game for mobile (even thought you wanted to buy it for Steam for your Mac/PC/Linux machine) and we will give you a Steam key as a bonus. It’s a win-win really. A double win for players and a win for us as we would like to boost our mobile sales.

We don’t have millions to spend on marketing and promotion so instead we decided to turn to this unorthodox method and hope that this offer will reach as many of you as possible!

SOTMC is constantly updated and enhanced. We are planning new content and DLCs for 2014 along with companion apps and obviously the sequel is also in development although still in design phase. We will get to that also but we really need you help, too.

The offer will end on the 2nd of January, 2014 so please please share this information! Like on Facebook, Share on Facebook, Tweet about or do whatever you can on your social channels. :) It will be highly appreciated.

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SOTMC out now on mobile!

This is something we’ve been working on all summer. The idea was that modern mobile devices are quite powerful and we were always playing with the idea of bringing SOTMC to handhelds and/or mobiles. It all seamed fairly easy as the project is in Unity3D engine and we already developed many mobile games so we thought we have all the knowledge and it will be a simple port with some performance optimisations.

It wasn’t as simple…

Tearing SMC apart, optimising for mobile, putting it back together. Enhancing visuals, adding some new features, fixing some more. We did many rounds like this. Then we faced the issue of older iOS devices still supported (iPhone 4 mainly). Another round of fixes and polishing and so on. There are still some glitches players are reporting and we are working hard to get these fixed in the next update also.

Android is another fountain of problems. There are many devices, many resolutions and aspect ratios. SOTMC originally was built around 4:3 aspect and a fixed 1024×768 resolution. Yes, not very flexible but this game was designed in 2007 so who would’ve thought things will change so much and the game will still exist.

We released the game on the Amazon App Store first because Amazon has a review process similar to Apple and we thought this may help us as we don’t have many Android devices to test the game on. We only had one really I think. :)

So that’s it. The game is out now on a total of 5 platforms – PC / Mac / Linux / iOS / Android.

The mobile version though brought many optimisations, enhancements and fixes which we retro fitted to the stand alone version. Added more visual effects on top (as the game is now more optimised we could) added more quality levels so suit everyone from an old machine to a shiny new beast.

Development is going forward still. We have many ideas how to spice up the game with future DLCs and features. Also the community is helpful, providing us with ideas and bug reports so we are very happy with this.

While the next big step is surely a sequel which would fit SOTMC’s original purpose and focus on casual gamers managing a horse breeding farm with fantasy horses – we may continue to make the original game the bast ‘gag’ and ‘troll gift’ game of all time. This is all up in the air but 2014 will bring many new updates, platforms and Unicorns for sure. :)

iTunes link for iOS : [link]

Amazon App Store link for Android : [link] 

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Another 12345 copies sold!

Summer Sale 2013 details

Summer Sale 2013 details

These are the magic numbers :) 12.345 copies of SOTMC were sold during the 2013 Steam Summer Sale! Thank you everyone for your support. We still need 31.635 copies to sell from the original game in order to be able to fund the sequel entirely as an indie development.

 What happened since the last post ?

- in June we released a new version which is now available for Linux users.

- the new version also moves save games to Steam Cloud (and makes them cross-platform)

- we have added badges, emoticons, cards and backgrounds to SOTMC

These are all available in the current build on Steam

 What’s next ?

1. iOS port

We are working hard on the iOS version port of the original Secret of the Magic Crystals. While porting the game we are giving it a bit of a polish, too. At the moment we don’t want to touch any fundamental features, nor we want to change gameplay. Some adjustments are made here and there suggested by You guys, but in essence it will remain the same well-known experience.

Expect the iOS release around end of August, beginning of September. We will highly rely on your support so please spread the word and download SOTMC iOS once available.

 2. Sequel

Yes, even though the counter hasn’t reached 0 yet and we are still in design/pre production we want to let everyone know that we are working on Secret of the Magic Crystals II. The new episode will tie-in with the original story, however, gameplay mechanics and art style will be reworked. The style will be much much better and the gameplay should be a lot more fun and intuitive.

Secret of the Magic Crystals II will most likely get a separate website where everyone can add his suggestions, comments and changes they would make to the original in order to make it a better game.

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Call to arms!

Steam Winter salesWe knew it won’t be easy. Reaching the 50k mark with $1.99 price and obviously less attention than last time (when SOTMC got hyped as a troll gift) Is quite a challenge.

With your help (thanks everyone) we’ve come to around 3500k sales since the sale started (21st). I have complete faith that the sequel would be better by a magnitude (at least). To convince everyone that their investment isn’t wasted we’ve come up with a Plan B. If we won’t reach 50k copies until the end of the sale (6th Jan) then we’ll produce a DLC for the original SOTMC with showing some of the potential of the sequel. This means that even if we don’t hit the 50k mark you all will get something new in the original game so no money and effort is wasted. In fact we might include some of the rewards in the original game also.

Best would be though to develop the full game and show everyone that we can indeed make a good horse-breeding and farm managing game with a lot more action and interaction, multiplayer races and a lot more. We still need your help to achieve this so remember to share this blog with everyone you can and pursue your friends, family, colleagues to purchase a couple of copies.


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Merry Christmas everyone!

This is how my farm looks in the winter.

This is how the farm looks in the winter.

On behalf of Artery Studios I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Thanks everyone for purchasing copies of SOTMC in order to support the sequel. Don’t forget to share some photos or screenshots with us which we can post here or on our Facebook page. :)

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858 copies sold on the first day of the Holiday sale!

I’m pleased to announce that on the first day of the Holiday Steam sales we sold 858 copies of Secret of the Magic Crystals. This includes sells in our shop over here. While we’re still a long way from the 50.000 mark with 17 more days to go it doesn’t seem impossible to get there.

Now is the time to surprise your loved ones with a couple of copies. :) Head over to steam for individual copies or buy 6, 11, 21, 41 packs direct from us!

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Let the Sale begin! Steam Christmas Sale is now on!

The Christmas sale is now on. There’s a long way to go as we still need around ~48.000 copies to sell. I know it’s a huge number but I urge everyone to buy at least one copy over Steam. If you would like to buy bulk to enjoy the specials we are offering (check in here) then you can now do that too! We are offering 6, 11, 21 and 41 pack of SOTMCs for you toshare with friends family or gift to anyone you’d like. Check it out in the Shop.

If you’re not buying then please at least like this page but we’d be very happy if you would share this blog over twitter, Facebook, reddit, google+, tumblr, e-mail or any other way you can so we can have a bigger audience and reach out to anyone who loves (or hates) SOTMC. Yes, even haters might be happy to buy a couple of copies at a discounted rate. While they can troll their friends they’d also help us develop the sequel which could actually be a great game.

I’ll keep updating the counter at the top with the daily sales. Come on, let’s do this!

Thanks everyone for the support so far and for reading.

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Autumn Steam sales in numbers

Autumn sales has ended and as you can see on the header the number of Secret of the Magic Crystals copies sold so far is 1.350. While not as much as we expected we will make sure that you can buy bulk soon and get ready for the next sale much more organized.

Made a FAQ page also because I received many comments and e-mails regarding the sale. Have a look and don’t hesitate to ask if something’s not there!

Thanks everyone for purchasing, sharing, linking, tweeting about the future of SOTMC.

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Help us get SOTMC II into production!

There must be a reason you’ve found this blog. Either I was lucky enough to reach out to you or someone already spread the word. Before you move forward reading please make sure you read that About section to find out more on the cause and what’s behind the whole idea.

Once it became clear that you would like to help one way or another to make SOTMC II a reality (reasons behind it may be anything from honest to completely unreasonable) a number of options arise. First of all as written in the About the biggest help is investing in the original SOTMC during the Autumn and Christmas Sales for $1.99.

Apart from this I’d also like to encourage you to share this page and the cause in every way possible. Start by sharing on Facebook, Twitter and the other gazillion social channels. E-mail works also! Go to your favorite bulletin board or discussion board and let everyone know that this is happening. Indeed, IT IS HAPPENING!

We need your help now, more than ever! Constant updated will follow once the sale is on with daily updates on sales. Sometimes here or on Facebook or minor updates may follow on Twitter so make sure you like us on FB and follow us on Twitter.

As the project unfolds We’ll upload images from the gifts (as noted in About), steam keys will pop up on our Twitter page randomly, and we aim to make as much noise as we can.

Watch out for daily scheduled updates, keep your social network up-to-date and follow the development of SOTMC II which starts HERE and NOW!

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