Help us get SOTMC II into production!

There must be a reason you’ve found this blog. Either I was lucky enough to reach out to you or someone already spread the word. Before you move forward reading please make sure you read that About section to find out more on the cause and what’s behind the whole idea.

Once it became clear that you would like to help one way or another to make SOTMC II a reality (reasons behind it may be anything from honest to completely unreasonable) a number of options arise. First of all as written in the About the biggest help is investing in the original SOTMC during the Autumn and Christmas Sales for $1.99.

Apart from this I’d also like to encourage you to share this page and the cause in every way possible. Start by sharing on Facebook, Twitter and the other gazillion social channels. E-mail works also! Go to your favorite bulletin board or discussion board and let everyone know that this is happening. Indeed, IT IS HAPPENING!

We need your help now, more than ever! Constant updated will follow once the sale is on with daily updates on sales. Sometimes here or on Facebook or minor updates may follow on Twitter so make sure you like us on FB and follow us on Twitter.

As the project unfolds We’ll upload images from the gifts (as noted in About), steam keys will pop up on our Twitter page randomly, and we aim to make as much noise as we can.

Watch out for daily scheduled updates, keep your social network up-to-date and follow the development of SOTMC II which starts HERE and NOW!

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2 Responses to Help us get SOTMC II into production!

  1. OMG, please just kill that sharing script…pretty much obscures your page for me.

    • admin says:

      IT would be my pleasure :) Can anyone suggest a better share option that truly works (shares thumbnail, etc) ? :)

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