Let the Sale begin! Steam Christmas Sale is now on!

The Christmas sale is now on. There’s a long way to go as we still need around ~48.000 copies to sell. I know it’s a huge number but I urge everyone to buy at least one copy over Steam. If you would like to buy bulk to enjoy the specials we are offering (check in here) then you can now do that too! We are offering 6, 11, 21 and 41 pack of SOTMCs for you toshare with friends family or gift to anyone you’d like. Check it out in the Shop.

If you’re not buying then please at least like this page but we’d be very happy if you would share this blog over twitter, Facebook, reddit, google+, tumblr, e-mail or any other way you can so we can have a bigger audience and reach out to anyone who loves (or hates) SOTMC. Yes, even haters might be happy to buy a couple of copies at a discounted rate. While they can troll their friends they’d also help us develop the sequel which could actually be a great game.

I’ll keep updating the counter at the top with the daily sales. Come on, let’s do this!

Thanks everyone for the support so far and for reading.

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