Call to arms!

Steam Winter salesWe knew it won’t be easy. Reaching the 50k mark with $1.99 price and obviously less attention than last time (when SOTMC got hyped as a troll gift) Is quite a challenge.

With your help (thanks everyone) we’ve come to around 3500k sales since the sale started (21st). I have complete faith that the sequel would be better by a magnitude (at least). To convince everyone that their investment isn’t wasted we’ve come up with a Plan B. If we won’t reach 50k copies until the end of the sale (6th Jan) then we’ll produce a DLC for the original SOTMC with showing some of the potential of the sequel. This means that even if we don’t hit the 50k mark you all will get something new in the original game so no money and effort is wasted. In fact we might include some of the rewards in the original game also.

Best would be though to develop the full game and show everyone that we can indeed make a good horse-breeding and farm managing game with a lot more action and interaction, multiplayer races and a lot more. We still need your help to achieve this so remember to share this blog with everyone you can and pursue your friends, family, colleagues to purchase a couple of copies.


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