Summer Sale 2013 details

Another 12345 copies sold!

Summer Sale 2013 details

Summer Sale 2013 details

These are the magic numbers :) 12.345 copies of SOTMC were sold during the 2013 Steam Summer Sale! Thank you everyone for your support. We still need 31.635 copies to sell from the original game in order to be able to fund the sequel entirely as an indie development.

 What happened since the last post ?

- in June we released a new version which is now available for Linux users.

- the new version also moves save games to Steam Cloud (and makes them cross-platform)

- we have added badges, emoticons, cards and backgrounds to SOTMC

These are all available in the current build on Steam

 What’s next ?

1. iOS port

We are working hard on the iOS version port of the original Secret of the Magic Crystals. While porting the game we are giving it a bit of a polish, too. At the moment we don’t want to touch any fundamental features, nor we want to change gameplay. Some adjustments are made here and there suggested by You guys, but in essence it will remain the same well-known experience.

Expect the iOS release around end of August, beginning of September. We will highly rely on your support so please spread the word and download SOTMC iOS once available.

 2. Sequel

Yes, even though the counter hasn’t reached 0 yet and we are still in design/pre production we want to let everyone know that we are working on Secret of the Magic Crystals II. The new episode will tie-in with the original story, however, gameplay mechanics and art style will be reworked. The style will be much much better and the gameplay should be a lot more fun and intuitive.

Secret of the Magic Crystals II will most likely get a separate website where everyone can add his suggestions, comments and changes they would make to the original in order to make it a better game.

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