SOTMC out now on mobile!

This is something we’ve been working on all summer. The idea was that modern mobile devices are quite powerful and we were always playing with the idea of bringing SOTMC to handhelds and/or mobiles. It all seamed fairly easy as the project is in Unity3D engine and we already developed many mobile games so we thought we have all the knowledge and it will be a simple port with some performance optimisations.

It wasn’t as simple…

Tearing SMC apart, optimising for mobile, putting it back together. Enhancing visuals, adding some new features, fixing some more. We did many rounds like this. Then we faced the issue of older iOS devices still supported (iPhone 4 mainly). Another round of fixes and polishing and so on. There are still some glitches players are reporting and we are working hard to get these fixed in the next update also.

Android is another fountain of problems. There are many devices, many resolutions and aspect ratios. SOTMC originally was built around 4:3 aspect and a fixed 1024×768 resolution. Yes, not very flexible but this game was designed in 2007 so who would’ve thought things will change so much and the game will still exist.

We released the game on the Amazon App Store first because Amazon has a review process similar to Apple and we thought this may help us as we don’t have many Android devices to test the game on. We only had one really I think. :)

So that’s it. The game is out now on a total of 5 platforms – PC / Mac / Linux / iOS / Android.

The mobile version though brought many optimisations, enhancements and fixes which we retro fitted to the stand alone version. Added more visual effects on top (as the game is now more optimised we could) added more quality levels so suit everyone from an old machine to a shiny new beast.

Development is going forward still. We have many ideas how to spice up the game with future DLCs and features. Also the community is helpful, providing us with ideas and bug reports so we are very happy with this.

While the next big step is surely a sequel which would fit SOTMC’s original purpose and focus on casual gamers managing a horse breeding farm with fantasy horses – we may continue to make the original game the bast ‘gag’ and ‘troll gift’ game of all time. This is all up in the air but 2014 will bring many new updates, platforms and Unicorns for sure. :)

iTunes link for iOS : [link]

Amazon App Store link for Android : [link] 

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