Special Christmas Promotion!

Okay so it turned out that the mobile versions got released just recently. As it falls quite close to the Steam Christmas sale (where we are selling SOTMC at an all time low at just $0.99) we decided that we are going to match the price on all platforms. So you can buy SOTMC on any platform (iOS/Android/Mac App Store/Steam) for just $0.99.

That’s quite a good deal, right ? To make it even better (and to boost our mobile sales) we came up with an idea. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days so why don’t you all buy the game for mobile (even thought you wanted to buy it for Steam for your Mac/PC/Linux machine) and we will give you a Steam key as a bonus. It’s a win-win really. A double win for players and a win for us as we would like to boost our mobile sales.

We don’t have millions to spend on marketing and promotion so instead we decided to turn to this unorthodox method and hope that this offer will reach as many of you as possible!

SOTMC is constantly updated and enhanced. We are planning new content and DLCs for 2014 along with companion apps and obviously the sequel is also in development although still in design phase. We will get to that also but we really need you help, too.

The offer will end on the 2nd of January, 2014 so please please share this information! Like on Facebook, Share on Facebook, Tweet about or do whatever you can on your social channels. :) It will be highly appreciated.

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