Special Christmas Promotion

To celebrate the release of Secret of the Magic Crystals on mobile we have a special promotion for this Christmas!

Download Secret of the Magic Crystals on any of the App Stores below for just $0.99 and receive a FREE steam key at no extra cost! Yes, this means that you will receive two copies of SOTMC for the price of $0.99 !

amazon_badge appstore_badge macappstore_badge



1. Click on one of the badges

2. Purchase the game for $0.99

3. E-mail us either a confirmation e-mail from Amazon or Apple or a photo which shows the game on your device or any other kind of proof you can think of

4. Receive a valid Steam key so you can download your complimentary Steam version of SOTMC.

5. Share this great offer with your friends and contacts!

6. Like us on Facebook and share the post around :)

7. Thank you all very much!


Terms and Conditions

1 – This offer lasts until the 2nd of January, 2014, then the game will be back at it’s full price on all platforms and there won’t be any Steam keys offered for free.

2 – Complimentary Steam keys are only given to users purchasing the the game on other platforms (Amazon, Apple)

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